Metalaxyl8%+ Mancozeb64%WP

Crop Common name of the disease Dosage / ha Waiting Period (days)
a.i (gm/kg) Formulation (gm/ml/kg/ltr) Dilution in Water (Liter)
Grapes Downy mildew 2000gor 0.4% 2500gor 0.5% 500lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Tobacco Nursery Damping off 3600gor 0.072% 5000gor 0.1% 5000lt. Notless than7 weeks
Leaf blight / Black Shank (Soil drenchat sowingand sprayat30 days after sowing) 1440g or 0.14% 2000g or 0.2% 1000lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Potato Late blight 1800gm or 0.18% 2500gmor 0.25% 1000lt. Not less than 7 weeks
Mustard Whiterust and Alternaria blight 1800gm or0.18% 2500gmor 0.5% 1000lt. Not less than 8 weeks
Black Pepper Phytophthora foot rot 1.8g.a.i/vine or0.09% 2.5gm/vine or0.125% 2lt./vine (spraying) 5lt./vine (soil drenching) Not less than 21 weeks
Pearlmillet Downy mildew 1440gm or0.28% 2000gmor 0.4% 500lt. Not less than 7 weeks