Carbendazim 50% WP

Crop Common name of the pest Dosage / ha Waiting Period (days)
a.i (gm) Formulation (gm/ml) Dilution in Water (Liter)
Paddy Blast 125-250 gm 250-500gm 750L
Sheath blight 1gm/ kg seed 2 gm/ kg seed (1ltr/10 kg seed)(seed treatment) (wet slurry treatment)
Aerial phase 125-250 gm 250-500gm 750
Wheat Loosesmut 1gm/kg seed 2g/kg seed (1ltr/10 kg seed)(seed treatment before sowing) (wet slurry treatment)
Barley Loosesmut 1 gm/kg 2 gm/kg (1ltr/10 kg seed)(seed treatmentbefore sowing) (wet slurry treatment)
Tapioca Setrot 0.5gm 1gm 1
Cotton Leafspot 125 250 750
Jute Seedling blight 1gm/kg seed 2gm/kg seed (1ltr/10kg seed) (seed treatment) (wet slurry treatment)
Groundnut Tikka leaf Spot 112.5 gm 225gm 750
Sugar beet Leafspot 100gm 200gm 400
Powdery mildew 100gm 200gm 400
Peas Cluster Powdery mildew 125gm 250gm 600
Beans Powdery mildew 175gm 350gm 750
Cucurbits Powdery mildew 150gm 300gm 600
Anthracnose 150gm 300gm 600
Brinjal Leafspot 150gm 300gm 600
Fruitrot 150gm 300gm 600
Apples Scab 1.25gm 2.5gm 10pertree
Grapes Anthracnose 150gm 300gm 600
Walnut Downy leaf spot 1.5gm 3gm 10pertree
Rose Powdery mildew 0.5gm 1gm 2
Ber Powdery mildew 5gm 10gm 10pertree