ALUMINUM PHOSPHIDE 56% 3 g tab, 10g pouch

Name of Commodity Common name of the pest Dose Exposure Period Aeration Waiting period
Stored Whole
Cereals and
Seed Grains
Millet, Pulses
Dry Fruits, Nuts
Spices & Oil Seeds
Rice Weevil (S.o)
Lesser Grain Borer, Khapra Beetle (T.g),
Rust Red Flour Beetle, Saw Toothed Grain
Beetle , Caddle Beetle, Drug Store Beetle , Cigarette Beetle , Pulse Beetle
3 tablets
(3gm) Per ton OR
150 gm/100m3
10 gm Pouch Per
ton of Commodity
150 gm/100 m3.
5 Days (S.o.)
7 Days
One hour of Partial aeration in case non- polyethylene packed commodities allowed by 6-8 hrs of full aeration. For polyethylene packed commodities minimum aeration period is 48hrs. The waiting period for the release of stock is 48hrs in both the cases.
Recommendation for bag stock 15 days.
Mild Products : Deoiled Cakes, Rice Bran Flour, Grain Animal & Poultry Food Split Pulses (Dal) & other Processed Food Long Headed Floor Beetle, Coffee Borer, Dried Fruit Beetle, Flat Grain Beetle, Carpet Beetle 3 tablets/10 (gm) per ton or 225 gm/100m3 5 days Aeration is waiting Period 7 days to be checked PH3 detector strips.
Empty Godown & Sheds Rice Moth, Almond Moth, Mites, Fruit Fly, Granary Weevil, Caddle or Flour worm, Red Flour Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, Larger cabinet Moth,Wheat Kernel Damage in the field Cockroach. 14 tablets/1000 Cu ft. or 150 gm/ 100m3 or 4 pouch 10 gms each/1000 CFT & or 150 gm/100m3 72 hrs Aeration Period 24 hrs detectors trips or phosphine detect tubes should be used in the premises to signal safety of atmosphere.
Rodents Burrows Rodents 1 Tablet/Burrow