ALUMINUM PHOSPHIDE 15%, 12g tablet

Name of Commodity Common name of the pest Dose Exposure Period Aeration Waiting period
Stored whole cereals and seed grains. Rice weevil, Rust red flower beetle 1 tablet (12G) per ton or 600 100 m3 Non polythene Packed commodities: Partial-1 hour. Full-(6-8) hour. Polythene Packed commodities: Minimum 48 hrs. 7-14
Millets, pulses, dry fruits, nuts, spices & oilseeds (Air tight cover or godowns) Lesser Grain Borer, Khapra Beetle, Saw Toothed Grain Beetle , Rice Moth, Almond Moth 900 g/100 m3 5
Milled products: De-oiled cakes, rice bran Rust red flower beetle 3 tablets / ton 48 hrs 5
Flour suji meals and Crushed grain (animal & poultry feed) split pulses (dals) Saw Toothed Grain Beetle , Rice Moth, Almond Moth, long headed flour beetle & mites 900 g/100 m3 48 hrs 3
Other processed food and Empty Godowns & Sheds (under air tight condition) All insect pests. 14 tablets / 1000 tons or 600 g/1000m3 48 hrs 24 hrs 3
Stored Grain Red rust Flour beetle, Lesser grain borer, Rice Weevil, Khapra beetle 3.35 gm 7 days 24hours