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Welcome to Crop Safe Pesticide

At Cropsafe Pesticides India Pvt Ltd., our ideological leanings resonate with this thought. We believe that growth is built on doing better than what is good enough, rising above individual limitations and transgressing the borders of circumstantial impediments.

About Us

Cropsafe Pesticides Pvt. Ltd. has become a name to reckon within the agro chemical industry, symbolizing quality & service.  The Company has strong leadership who insist on professionalization, R & D to steer the company.

Cropsafe Pesticides Pvt. Ltd. is  specializes in toll manufacturing for exports and bulk productions to cater the need of local formulators…

Why Us

We at Cropsafe Pesticides Pvt. Ltd. have the export and distribution network in the international market and successful tie-up with reputed companies in more than 10 countries till now. We give special attention to registration and data support to International customers . 


Quality Assurance

Top quality formulation and packaging of various types of Crop


Research & Development

Better recipes for the existing pesticides formulations


Better Client Service

Helps many foreign & Indian companies to ease their sourcing and sales